Sid Haig - 'Big Daddy'
"Pack it tight."
This pig farmer is just trying to save his family farm by growing marijuana. Big Daddy is a good guy with a heart of gold -- he loves his farm, his town and his "family".
  Joe Estevez - 'Agent Dick'
"This whole fucking town is going to burn!"
This federal agent has a dark background and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.
Robert Z'Dar - 'Mayor Dewey'
"That boy is going to give himself a heart attack."
The fun loving Mayor of small town Council Hill.
  Siarra T. Mong -'Laura'
"It's better to be pissed off than pissed on."
Her history may be rough, but Laura is Big Daddy's #1 girl.
Brenda Marie Whitehead - 'Lola'
"I'm fine and dandy like wine and candy."
The fun loving girl in Big Daddy's family, this wild child can find a good time wherever she goes.
  Fiona Demenica - 'Lenore'
"We aren't drug dealers, we're farmers."
A strong, independent lover of marijuana and women, and one of Big Daddy's girls.
Jesse C. Boyd - 'Breeze'
"You know Agent Dickie, you know I tell you everything, I swear."
This local weed dealer is loud and proud and adores Big Daddy's girls.
  Katrina Hill - 'Lucy/Agent Audrey'
"I want to go undercover."
A young Agent who wants to become a hero by finding the source of a "killer" strain of weed.
Joette Waters - 'Director Les'
"Dick, have you been head recently??"
Don't mess with the boss of the DTA, even though she may have a storied background with Agent Dick.
  Ellie Church - 'DJ Mary Jane'
"The only thing weed ever killed was my inhibitions."
Sexy, pro marijuana DJ who keeps her audience up to date on the tainted weed killings.

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